Late New Year Wishes

Hello~ hello~!! Happy NEW YEAR~!!!


p/s: Sorry for the late wishes as I didn’t make out any time to write this post.

Anyway, wishing the best for me and for you, if you are reading this post. Good luck and have a great start for this brand new year~!





It’s Christmas today! What can say except Merry Christmas to those who celebrate this special day and also to my friends, family and myself!!

Well, what did those people said about end of world on 21.12.2012 previously?? Although it did not come through but scientists’ prediction about no sun light for 3 days really could be seen working on. Take my hometown, Kuala Terengganu, as an example. We have experience a good rain for the passed few days. I mean really GOOD until the door of my house had been flung open by the strong wind and my housing area really flooded. (I’m staying in a flat actually and it has not flooded for quite some time.) This is really MONSOON for us. For a few years back, monsoon has decreased till today, this year. Still, I’m grateful that I can open my eyes and realised that it is just a joke for the End-of-the-world saying. 🙂

 p/s: There are lots of pictures being posted about doomed day and this is just one of it.

Now backed to this special day. How’s the celebration that you guys are having?? Bet that should be an unforgettable one! Good for you!! 🙂 Mine was rather a simple or I should say not much different from a normal day but then, I still consider it a simple celebration. Had a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant then proceed to my boyfriend’s house as is pouring. My friend had a Christmas celebration but I didn’t join them cause it’s the first time I celebrate this day with my boyfriend. For the passed three years I was stuck in UKM studying. So it’s a thing you know. Though there’s nothing special and no pressie but, I’m stil happy having this guy around. 😀

Now I’m sitting in front of my boyfriend’s laptop typing while muching on seaweed and potato crackers. I can’t help it, it seriously taste GOOD~~! I wanna post the picture about then I realised that I don’t have cable link to this laptop. Sorry peeps! Will try to introduced this food to you guys.

Till then~ Cao!


It’s a late post for me to congratulate myself upon my graduation which was being held in National University of Malaysia a.k.a UKM, Bangi, Selangor on 22nd October 2012 (Monday).

It was a fine day as it’s cloudy instead of rained. I was kind of worried as it rained for the passed few days. Lucky me as it didn’t 😀

I received my scroll in the morning in Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR). The whole ceremony was long and kind of bored with long long long speeches and also lots of students to get their scrolls.

Look what have that Cameraman done! Wrong timing! But hey! I received my scroll from “Albert Einstein”!


Ah! Look at my nerd face!!!

Well then, I guess I’m better than some of my friends as they said that the Cameraman got so so wrong timing. (Pity though)

The whole ceremony ended at 12.30p.m sharp. You think it’s short?? Let me brief you the details:
6a.m – woke up
6.45a.m – make a move to UKM
7.25a.m – reached UKM
9.05a.m – marched in the hall
– ceremony started
– bla bla bla
12.30p.m – end of it

So, you see, attending this convo stuff has really end my half day but then, it’s something I will remember for some time. 😀

Gifts that I received on that day. It does surprised me.

5 banquet of flower, a cup, a book, a water bottle, 7 bears, a tupperware and a special book made by my course mate!
*I will treasure the book!

Thanks for those who attended my big day in uni. Appreciate it lots!

Blackie~ 小黑



Unexpected news

I guess this wasn’t the first time I posted this title. (What’s the news again Missy? Your life seems to be full be challenges.)

Ya. I agreed. My life always surprised me a lot.

Today’s news? I was told that my boyfriend’s dad has some problem with his health condition. He came to KL the day before yesterday to have a specialist checking on his bladder as he come across with some itchiness. (It’s the old sickness and previously he went to the same hospital and it cured but somehow, it came back again.) Well, there was other things that comes up. The doctor said that there’s a tumor on his waist and they need further checking in order to know which type of tumor is it and whether it will harm his health condition or not.

I seriously didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to him. He seems to be so young (although he is nearly 70 years old) and healthy aside of the old sickness. I’m seriously shocked and worried when my boyfriend told me in MSN. I shouldn’t shed a tear caused it will make thing worst. Right now, I just hope that it’s not a big deal for uncle.

I’ve been wondering why lately there are so many things happened around me. First, I lost two of my relatives. Then, my boyfriend’s maid was like being possessed by some spirit and now this case happened. Perhaps that’s part of the challenges that we need to face in our lives.

Well, till then.

Mind speaking

It’s Sunday and on Tuesday it’s my first exam paper. Yet, haven’t study and still doing my thesis. Gosh! What an unproductive day yesterday. *sigh… (Take care…) Final week is really around the corner….

Thanks to a friend of mine who deliver Snowflakes for me yesterday. Thanks ya! Never expect a friend can do this for me. Really appreciate it very much and it really surprised me. 😀

Sometimes I really feel like telling my friend “you know how fake you are?” but it’s just a thought. Just wish that someday you’ll know your problem. Seriously. Thanks for being part of my life cause you really help me a lot and you really teach me a lot of things and I never stop thanking you. Somehow, the moment when I learn the truth, it does shocked me off.

I do not wish to make any comments and I believe that all of us will go our separately ways soon. Good luck and all the best.

Till then.


Gee… I didn’t know that by posting my blog’s URL link will actually catch somebody’s attention although it’s just for 2 days (I guess). 😀

I guess I was too tired these few days till I slept with my saliva came out. (Yucks!!!! Disgusting. I know.) Maybe because I’m really tired for not having enough sleep dealing with my thesis but I guess that’s not part of the whole reason. Wonder why I can’t finish up my thesis.

(Yo! Missy. You’re in damn bloody trouble now. What’s up with ya? Where the hell is your motivation?! You got to get yourself into trouble! You got what I mean?!?!!)

Yes yes…. I do, my little sub-conscious brain and heart.

(Then you better get started!)

Ya. Wait. Can you just wait for a second?!

(You better be hurry Missy! Or else I’ll have to bust your head.)

ALRIGHT! I have something to tell.

The Bitch from the East Coast is back! Called me out of a sudden and SUDDENLY care for me! (As if you truly care.) Guess she plans to stick with me but NO WAY! I’m gonna figure out how to get myself off from the glue.

OK. Till then before my sub-conscious brain and heart gonna torture me! Bye….